Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Summer, where art thou?

I cannot believe how quickly this summer has flown by. Mid-August already! It flew by for us due to welcoming a newborn in our house for the first time, having lots of visitors and having amazing weather  in July and August. Our little one arrived in June and I have been trying to savour every moment.  It also means that until I get in the swing of things, this blog has taken a bit of a backseat temporarily. 

Having said that, here is a brief snapshot of some of the food and garden-related activities from this summer. 
Roasting tomatoes to make pizza sauce. 250 degree oven, six hours. Then purée them to make a sauce. Yum! 

Our garlic harvested about 50 juicy, plump bulbs. Very successful! Looking forward to planting again this fall.

Fermented pickles, in progress. This is day four- brine is cloudy, there is a bit of bubbling and the cucumbers are turning into pickles. This recipe called for less salt then others I have tried and the results are much better. I will post more info once it finishes.

I found these awesome jars at Home Outfitters for 25% off. I am going to do larger batches of fermented pickles with this new recipe once the smaller test batch is completed (assuming it worked well). 

My first tomatillo husk appeared on the plant this week! So excited. This is my first time growing tomatillos.

Lots of beautiful zucchini flowers in the garden. Not sure if you can see in this one- a bee is in the middle, working away.

Another beautiful zucchini flower.

I planted peas for a fall harvest, they have started to grow and cling to their supports.

I found beautiful strawberries and red currants at our farmers market. I combined them both to make a fantastic jam. We have been enjoying it on croissants, biscuits and in strawberry shortcake desserts. 

Found these beauties at the market, too. Love sunflowers. Might try to grow my own next year.

I hope your summer is going well! 


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