Saturday, November 2, 2013

NYC trip round-up

Dear blog, I promise I haven't forgotten about you!

I'm back from NYC and ready to share a few photos. I had a great week of job-related training, and managed to sneak out in the evenings to eat some great food. I ate at Eately twice, ordered Mexican take-out, had the best brunch at Bar Americain and finally tried some fried chicken in the Big Apple.  On the down side, I ate at the trattoria in Macy's Herald Square and it was just so-so; we also had a mediocre experience at Becco- it was the most crowded restaurant I have ever been in and we felt rushed.

We also managed to stroll around Central Park on the weekend and dropped by the ice rink at Rockefeller center. We also thoroughly enjoyed seeing Macbeth at the Lincoln Center- a beautiful production with amazing performances- a  highlight of the trip. 

Now, back to normal life and autumn goodness.  I'll soon have a recipe up for THE best beef stew. I'm also planning on getting an early start on holiday preparations, so I'll be posting tips and recipes.  Lastly, I haven't stopped gardening. Lots of tasks coming up that I'll be blogging about.


Ordered beignets at Bar Americain and it came with these cute little jam jars! Each jam was amazing.


Crab cakes benny- so good!

Cheese plate appetizer at Eately. Served with local honey that was so creamy and delicious.

Awesome pizza at Eately. The tomato sauce was fresh pureed tomatoes- tasted like it had just come out of our garden.

Fried chicken from Hill Country Chicken. Best french fries ever. (Pic was taken with my Blackberry- apologies for quality)

Beautiful fish soup from Eately. Had a tomato mixture in the middle, sitting on top of a piece of bread in the bowl. The broth had saffron, anchovy oil and lots of other good flavors. (Pic was taken with my Blackberry, apologies for quality).

My main at Eately on the same day as when I had the soup. It's a white fish with a breadcrumb topping, broiled.  Served with some of the saltiest olives I've ever had and simple roma tomatoes. It was delicious!

Such a beautiful evening for a walk!

The view from my breakfast spot. 

Beautiful rink at Rockefeller center.

One of my favorite snapshots from Central Park.  Serene and beautiful.
It's so great that a giant, beautiful park like this exists in one of the largest cities in North America.  Green space in urban settings is important.

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