Saturday, October 12, 2013

Fall Garden Update, Zone 6B

It has been a while since I took a few photos of the garden. Things are still in full swing, with arugula, Swiss chard, carrots, hot peppers, raspberries (golden and red) and cherry tomatoes (sungold and chocolate) still on the go.  My herbs are also doing well.  I haven't done too much yet to protect the crops as the weather has been cooperating (I have a few plastic hoop tunnels that I like to use to extend the season). 

In preparation for next year, I've planted tulip bulbs and relocated a lavender plant to one of our garden beds. I've also cleaned out almost all of the tomato plants and pulled out the container plants.  In a couple of weeks, before storing the containers, I'll give them a good wash outside.  By mid-November, I'll be ready to plant our garlic bulbs for next year's garden haul. 

The other step I'm going to take, and most likely this weekend, is to plant fall/winter greens and put the raised bed cover on one of the beds.  I'll likely plant a lot of spinach and arugula. 

Swiss chard

I planted these chocolate cherry tomatoes a little late- bought the starter plant in Montreal. Looking forward to seeing them ripen! I have put a sheet of plastic around the plant to protect from the danger of frost.

It looks like there are strawberries emerging- in mid-October! 

Carrots growing in one of the smaller beds that had our tomato plants in it.

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