Thursday, August 22, 2013

Tomato Crazy! My Go-To Recipes This Year

I seem to be harvesting tomatoes on almost a daily basis right now. It's a nice surprise because it's a bit early for garden zone 6B. It also means I'm looking for recipes for preserving my tomatoes.  Here's a round-up of my favorites.

Marisa at Food in Jars has a lot of great tips and recipes on her site.  Check here and here for examples. As mentioned previously, her website and book are among my favorites!

Simple Bites has a great suggestion for an easy tomato sauce that can be frozen.

This is a great one for roasted tomatoes that I cannot wait to try out from Hip Girl’s Guide to Homemaking  I am imagining freezing them after I roast them, then enjoying them in the middle of winter when everything around me seems blah. 

This recipe from the National Center for Home Food Preservation is simple and great. 

I am Canadian, so I have to give a shout-out to Canadian Living for their list of recipe suggestions.  It includes a Three Pepper Chili sauce- sign me up! 

Safety note: before embarking on canning tomatoes, please keep in mind that they are a low acid fruit and require the addition of citric acid or lemon juice/vinegar in order to raise the acid level. Hot water canning methods aren't the safest method of canning to use- it is recommended to use a pressure canner for safest canning practices.  If you want to be fancy and add ingredients to your tomatoes- pressure canning or freezing are the best methods to use. To learn more, there are lots of great trusted expert resources online. Here's an example of what you can find. 

In the past, I've made tomato sauce that I've canned, I've frozen tomato puree, I've also canned BBQ sauce made from scratch.  They were all fantastic.

What are your go-to recipes for tomatoes? 

The tomato basil jam and BBQ sauce were terrific ways to celebrate the tomato harvest!

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