Sunday, August 18, 2013

Mid-August Garden Update (Zone 6b)

There has been lots of progress in the garden! Beans are abundant, tomatoes are getting ripe and turning red, Swiss chard is near perfect, and peppers are getting hotter by the day.  I've harvested cucumbers, tomatoes, beans, jalapenos, and herbs in the last week.  As a recap, we have raised garden beds in our backyard, more than 10 of them in total. They are built of cedar and are various sizes, most of them 3 x 6'. Here are a few photos to show the latest.
Purple string beans are delicious! I love having them in the garden each year.

 Very happy that I was finally successful with cucumbers. 

The heirloom tomatoes are growing perfectly. 

Golden cherry tomatoes are sweet, juicy and burst with flavour- highly recommend them.

We have a mixture of scarlet runner and string green beans growing

Beautiful string beans

Swiss chard mixed with tomato plants
 More updates after the cut...

The tomato plants were growing so tall, we have secured them to posts to prevent them from snapping in half and tipping over. They outgrew their tomato cages quickly.

Beautiful jalapenos

Mini hot peppers

This will be in my dinner tomorrow night!

Seeing red tomatoes scattered on the vines.

Beautiful tomatoes. 

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