Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Garden Update: Harvest Goodness

Our gardens (zone 6b) are doing really well- we've had a few harvests from it and I'm expecting the month of August will be jam packed with more goodies as things ripen further.

We're heavy on tomatoes (my hubby lost count after 30 in one of the raised beds), are growing a few varieties of string beans, have a bed full of Swiss chard, have a herb garden, cucumbers growing on a trellis, and have lots of hot peppers that are growing really well.  We use a combination of raised beds as well as a couple of outdoor tables filled with containers.

These peppers, grown from Veseys seed, are among the hottest I've ever tasted. 
Lots of photos after the cut!

One of our tomato beds with heirloom tomatoes

Scarlet runners and green pole beans

Overdue on picking the Swiss chard, it's growing out of control.

I can hardly wait for these beautiful heirloom tomatoes to ripen!
We grew more than 70 plants of garlic this past year and finished harvesting them today. They're now drying out so we can store them.

Our peach tree survived a fungus and has a ton of new leaf growth and the peaches are growing more and more.

A lot of our goodies were grown from seed (primarily from Veseys and Halifax Seed) so it's extra rewarding to watch it take off.  The raised beds are a variety of sizes and all built by my hubby using cedar. I love raised bed gardening, it really reduces the amount of weeding I have to do (I put landscape fabric on the bottom of each bed before filling them up with soil and compost) and it makes the garden look neat and tidy.
Partial view of the backyard garden beds.  Bonus views of our two dogs. :-) 

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