Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A Quick Garden Update (Zone 6b)

Took a few pics of the garden tonight while admiring how much it has grown in the last couple of weeks. We've had a fairly dry August and I think it was perfect for letting the vegetables grow and for the tomatoes to ripen.  I've been hauling in tomatoes on almost a daily basis! The chard, cucumbers, beans, and peaches are all doing really, really well too.

A coworker asked me today, after seeing a photo of one of the tomato plants, if I fertilized them a lot because they were the tallest plants she had ever seen.  I haven't- I use organic methods, fertilizing with a seaweed solution and use a lot of compost.  I also like to give the raised beds a good soaking every 2-3 days.

The only problems I've had is a fungus appeared on some leaves on a few plants.  I gave all of them a good spray of a copper sulfate to prevent it from spreading. It seems to have worked.  We also had a caterpillar eating some of the leaves of our peach tree. I used the seaweed solution to feed the tree and it worked like magic.

The tomato plants are so tall- I've had to stake them going sideways over to the other beds for support. 

Chard, tomatoes, beans

Scarlet runner beans have the prettiest flowers! 

Growing tomatoes among string beans worked really well. 

View of some of the garden beds

Our peaches are turning red! We almost lost the tree to a caterpillar infestation that was killing the leaves, so it's so nice to see it has rebounded just fine.

A sample of some of the tomato harvest that I've hauled in this week


  1. I have discovered your blog today and I loved reading about your garden and enjoyed your photos.I will be following your blog from now on. Greetings from Cyprus!Gaia...



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